Cerebellum & Ataxias is an open access journal devoted to cerebellar research and cerebellar disorders, including scientific reports and clinical cases of the numerous forms of ataxias.

Cerebellum & Ataxias welcomes both research and clinical descriptions of novel findings relevant to daily practice, from psychological, radiological, neurological and neurosurgical perspectives. In addition to research articles, clinical series and case reports, the journal publishes scientific correspondence, commentaries and teaching neuroimages. We also consider articles highlighting advances of important impact in the field of ataxiology.

Cerebellum & Ataxias has now been accepted for inclusion in PubMed and PubMed Central. BioMed Central is working closely with PubMed Central to ensure that the full text of all articles published in the journal are indexed accordingly.


  • Mario Manto, FNRS


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Mario Manto

Mario Manto, MD, PhD, is a neurologist and researcher at the FNRS, Unité d'Etude du Mouvement, ULB, Belgium. He received his MD degree from ULB, Brussels, Belgium and PhD in 1996. Professor Manto’s current research interests focus on the pathogenesis of brain disorders, using rodent models and experimental studies in humans, with an emphasis on movement, neurophysiology, neurochemistry of the cerebellum and cerebellar ataxias. He teaches neuroanatomy and neurological semiology at the University of Mons. Professor Manto is founding and current Editor-in-Chief of Cerebellum & Ataxias and its sister journal, The Cerebellum. He also serves as Associate Editor for Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation.

BioMed Central in :60 - Neuroscience

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